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Md. Lutfor Rahman
Member at National Board of Revenue

A science graduate with honours, Md. Lutfor Rahman joined in Bangladesh Civil Service after earned his master’s in Soil Science from Dhaka University and BSC Examination. First, he was posted as Assistant Commissioner of Customs in the year1988. During his service, he took extensive management and foundation training at the Customs, Excise & VAT Training Academy and at Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre.

He was selected to attend and 1) Successfully completed the training Course on Customs formalities in Singapore, 2) Completed a three months training course on VAT management course in UK, 3) Two months Customs valuation & Audit training programme in Japan. 4) Attend a seminar on Risk assessment, profiling, and targeting organized by World Customs Organization in Manila. 5) Experienced study tour in Romania and Sweden to observe ASYCUDA++ and automated system of customs, 6) Attend seminar on Harmonized commodity System (HS code system), organized by Japan and 7) Integrity in Customs Department organized by the WCO, 8) Attended in BIMSTEC, SAFTA multilateral negotiation programmers in India, Nepal, Bhutan & Pakistan. 9) Study tour in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore to get knowledge on customs formalities. 10. Attended a seminar on non-communicable disease in Indonesia. 11) Training on valuation & Pre-Shipment Inspection in South Africa, 12) Customs valuation & Audit training programme in China, and 13) Leadership Awards fellowship programme on Capacity building for trade, environment and sustainable development in Australia.

Mr. Rahman is directly involved and associated in VAT policy and implementation system since its inception in 1991. He has two years tremendous experience in direct and indirect tax policy and national budget system in Bangladesh and every year he is amending First Schedule (Classification) of the customs administration.

Mr. Rahman worked in 19th diverse places and was entrusted with the responsibility of revenue collection at key points of the country. Such as Customs House Chittagong , Custom House Dhaka , Zia International Airport, Commissioner Appeal, Director General (Duty Exemption & Drawback), Commissioner Customs & VAT (Rajshahi), Director General at VAT Audit, Intelligence, & Inspection, Commissioner of Customs and VAT in Dhaka North & at present he is working as Commissioner at Custom House, Dhaka.

He had a great opportunity to work in Customs Administration Modernization (CAM) project financed by the Word Bank on lien from the National Board of Revenue. Here he worked to develop and formulate international standard and acceptable Customs declaration (BoE) according to UN layout plan. He was also in charge of Customs training programme in CAM project.

He takes an extensive interest in human resources management with special focus on leadership and integrity. He had given numerous classes and presented seminars, workshops on different Customs and VAT related topics as well as motivational courses on leadership, integrity, Stress & time management to audiences from various professional groups belonging to both private and public sectors. He has been engaged as a resource person in different Government, private training institutions and private Universities for the last 12 years in the aforementioned topics. As a resource person, he had a great opportunity/chance to educate, train & exchange his views more than 7000 participants.

In the year 2010 World Customs Organization recognized and awarded him as a best customs officer for rendering exceptional service to customs administration of Bangladesh Customs under National Board of Revenue.