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We have the pleasure to inform you that DCCI Business Institute (DBI) is the only authorized Institute in Bangladesh to conduct the Modular Learning System in Supply Chain Management (MLS-SCM(P)) courses and exams of International Trade Centre (ITC)-UNCTAD/WTO, Geneva, Switzerland. DBI has been conducting such courses since 2007. By this time, the courses already have become popular among the business community in Bangladesh since the successful participants of this course have proven their worth in their respective organization in cutting total supply cost and lead-time.

MLS-SCM(P) of ITC: MLS-SCM(P) is a complete, user friendly, readily intelligible and practical impacting training pack and the most modern way of enhancing knowledge, skill & ability  in total purchasing and SCM of an organization. It helps participants in developing innovative new approaches to both the fields (Procurement & SCM), enhances their capability in making optimum utilization of available resources. It enhances competitiveness by reducing supply cost & lead-time. This unique international program is recognized in 69 countries of the world (www.scm-learningnet.org).

Proven Impact & Benefits of MLS-SCM(P):

i. Helps to develop innovative new approaches to Purchasing and SCM

ii. Enhances capability in making optimum utilization of available resources and excel in global competition.  

iii. Enhances Competitiveness in cutting total supply cost & lead time (about 15% savings on supply & purchase expenditure of companies/organizations and about 75% supply lead time reduction)

iv. Improves performance and better relationship with suppliers

v. Ensures better logistics and inventory management capacity

vi. Increases ability to take advantage of emerging opportunities in international market

vii. Helps career development & improves job possibilities

viii. MLS-SCM(P) Diploma holders can get Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®) Credential from Institute of Supply Management (ISM), USA (vide: www.ism.ws) and admission into Masters and Executive MBA Courses in the European Institute of Purchasing Management (EIPM), France & Shanghai (vide: www.eipm.org).

Modules of MLS-SCM(P): DBI conducts three international courses on MLS-SCM(P). The duration of each course is 6 months and covers 6 modules as per following description:

Certificate Course : Module No. 1. Understanding the Corporate Environment, Module No. 2. Specifying Requirements & Planning Supply, Module No. 3. Analyzing Supply Markets, Module No. 4. Developing Supply Strategies, Module No. 5. Appraising & Short-listing Suppliers, Module No. 6. Obtaining & Selecting Offers.                         

Advanced Certificate Course (Applicable those who participated Certificate course): Module No. 7. Negotiating, Module No. 8. Preparing the Contract, Module No. 9. Managing the Contract & Supplier Relationships, Module No. 10. Managing Logistics in the Supply Chain, Module No. 11. Managing Inventory, Module No. 12. Measuring and Evaluating Performance.

Diploma Course (Applicable those who participated Advanced Certificate course): Module No. 13. Environmental Procurement, Module No. 14. Group Purchasing, Module No. 15. E-Procurement, Module No. 16. Customer Relationship Management, Module No. 17. Operations Management, Module No. 18. Managing Finance along the Supply Chain.

Certificates: Three certificates are awarded to the participants; the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ones on qualifying all modules of Certificate, Advanced Certificate and Diploma Courses respectively. All the international certificates are jointly issued by ITC, Geneva and DCCI. Three times online exam held at DBI in each year.

Achievements of DBI: On account of brilliant success of the MLS-SCM(P) program, DBI won ICC-World Chamber Federation Competition Award, 2007 for “Best Skill Development Program”, and “MLS-SCM(P) Best Network Partner Institution Award” of ITC at the MLS-SCM(P) in 2011. Some Lead trainers of DBI received “Best Success Story Winner Award” from ITC for saving around 15% cost of supply (Millions of dollar) and reducing lead time substantially by applying the tools and techniques of MLS-SCM(P) in their respective companies.

Trainers of DBI: Well-experienced and highly qualified resource persons, trained and recommended by Master Trainers from ITC through Training of Trainers (ToT) Workshops are conducting the courses. They are also regularly rated as excellent/very good trainers by the participants.

Admission in MLS-SCM(P) Courses

Who can Attend: The MLS-SCM(P) courses are particularly suited for present and future managers, executives and specialists in purchase, supply, inventory and logistics departments of business enterprises, large corporations, govt., international, multinational, foreign and local organizations able to communicate in English and can operate a computer. The SMEs, future entrepreneurs, job-seekers and current graduate/post graduate students are also eligible for this course. 

Fees: Course fee per person per certificate is Tk. 45,000/-; course book charge and online exam fee for each module are Tk. 1,000/- and Tk. 4,000/- respectively (Excluding VAT & Tax). In addition, Tk. 11,000/- will have to be paid by the candidate for each Certificate; training materials, refreshments, & lunch charges are included.

Admission: Admission takes place in November & December for Winter Session (January-June) and in May & June for Summer Session (July-December). 3 day-long classes for each module take place on the weekend (Friday) of each month.

Discount: 10% discount on course fee for (one option applicable): (i) DCCI Members; (ii) Women participants; (iii) Students (pursuing his/her under-graduation & post graduation); (iv) Three (3) or more participants from one organization for same course; (v) Defence Officers (Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, etc.) (vi) MLS-SCM Certificate & Advanced Certificate participants for enrolling into next level who aren’t receive any discount and 15% corporate discount on course fee for 10 or more participants from one organization for same course.


Registration: Going on for January-June 2019 Session. Please contact DBI, Tel: 02 9552562 Ext. 137 & 124 & 02 9550104, Mob: 01766018659 & 01913745062, Fax: 02 9560830 E-mail: dbi@dhakachamber.com, Website: www.dcci-dbi.edu.bd. Seats are Limited; First Come First Served.

Registration Deadline: 03 January 2019.

We would appreciate if you could kindly participate and/or nominate concerned official(s) from your esteemed organization for its forthcoming International Certificate (fresh officers may be nominated), International Advanced Certificate (for those who participated Certificate Course) and International Diploma (for those who participated Advanced Certificate Course) Courses of Winter Session (January-June 2019).

Thanking you,