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International Certificate / Diploma on Modular Learning System in Supply Chain Management (MLS-SCM(P)), jointly with ITC-UNCTAD/WTO, Geneva:

DCCI Business Institute (DBI) has been offering International Certificate/Diploma Courses & Exams on Modular Learning System in Supply Chain Management (MLS-SCM(P)) of ITC-UNCTAD/WTO, Geneva since 2004. The training courses are conducted by trainers, trained and certified by ITC. MLS-SCM Examinations are held in DBI as per ITC's Guidelines in March and September each year. DBI organizes the Exams as the only Authorized Examination Body (AEB) of ITC in Bangladesh. ITC and DCCI jointly award International Certificate and Diploma to the successful examinees. Out of total 18 Modules, those who pass Exams of 6 Modules (No.1-6) receive Certificate, 12 modules (1-12) receive Advanced Certificate and all 18 modules receive Diploma. On being successful in respective examinations, participants will be entitled to write "International Certificate in MLS-SCM(P)", "Advanced International Certificate in MLS-SCM(P) " and "International Diploma in MLS-SCM(P) " after their names. As such, the program gives an opportunity to get Professional International Certificate/ Diploma on Supply Chain Management from Dhaka, recognized in all continents of the world.

Major Expected Benefits of MLS-SCM(P):

Improved competitiveness through proper purchasing and supply chain management; About 15% savings on supply & purchase expenditure; 75% reduction in supply lead time; Better logistics and inventory management; Improved performance and better relationship with suppliers; Improved employability and career enhancement possibilities; Membership of a truly global network and more. "MLS-SCM(P) Diploma" holders can get "Certified Professional in Supply ManagementĀ® (CPSM)" Credential from the Institute for Supply Management (Vide: www.ism.ws). They can also get admitted into Masters and Executive MBA Course in the European Institute of Purchasing Management (EIPM), France & Shanghai (Vide: www.eipm.org).

Target Beneficiaries:

The MLS-SCM(P) courses are particularly suited for present and future managers, executives and specialists in purchase, supply, inventory and logistics departments of business enterprises, covering large corporations, SMEs, Govt. Corporations, Autonomous and Semiautonomous bodies, NGOs and also would-be entrepreneurs, job-seeking graduates and current graduate students.

Facilitators of the Course:

Well-experienced and highly qualified Resource Persons trained and approved by ITC, Geneva, conduct the training sessions effectively. They have also passed & received International Diploma on MLS-SCM(P), jointly issued by ITC, Geneva and DCCI and are rated as excellent/ very good trainers by the participants.

Duration and Main Features of MLS-SCM(P) Courses:

Faculty-trained & recognized by ITC-UNCTAD/ WTO, Geneva; Duration: Certificate, Advanced Certificate & Diploma courses of 6, 12 & 18 months respectively; Three day-long classes for each module on 2 Fridays and 1 Saturday in each month; Weekend classes are arranged specially for on-the-job executives; Free handouts, refreshment & lunch; Exams are held in DBI in March & September each year; and Certificate jointly issued by ITC, Geneva and DCCI.

Modules for Certificate Course:

1. Understanding the Corporate Environment, 2. Specifying Requirements & Planning Supply, 3. Analysing Supply Markets, 4. Developing Supply Strategies, 5. Appraising & Short-listing Suppliers, 6. Obtaining & Selecting Offers.

Modules for Advanced Certificate Course:

7. Negotiating, 8. Preparing the Contract, 9. Managing the Contract & Supplier Relationships, 10. Managing Logistics in the Supply Chain, 11. Managing Inventory and 12. Measuring and Evaluating Performance (Plus modules for Certificate course).

Modules for Diploma Course:

13. Environmental Procurement, 14. Group Purchasing, 15. E-Procurement, 16. Customer Relationship Management, 17. Operations Management and 18. Managing Finance along the Supply Chain (Plus modules for Adv. Certificate course).

Admission Requirements:

Preferably graduate with proficiency in English. Current graduate students are also eligible to apply. Practical experience in purchasing, logistic and inventory management are preferred.

Course Fees:

For Certificate: Tk. 42,000/- (1-6 Modules); Advanced Certificate: Tk. 42,000/- (7-12 Modules) and Diploma: Tk.42,000/- (13-18 Modules). Examination Fee: US$ 40 per Module and Course Books: Tk. 1000/- per Module.

Discount on Course fees:

Special Discount for DCCI members: Tk. 6000/- per Module, Corporate Discount: 10% for 3 or more participants from one organization; 10% for Women Participants and Gradute Students.


Classes of new batches start in January and July each year. For registration please contact DBI, Tel: 9552562 (Hunting) Ext. 137, 123 & 9550104, Mobile: 01716748460, 01913745062 & 01711079721, Fax: 9560830 E-mail: dbi@dhakachamber.com, Seats are Limited; First Come First Served.